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  Integrated Directional Signing Program 

The Integrated Directional Signing Program (IDSP) was developed to provide Virginia motorist service businesses, attractions, tourist destinations and other specific points of interest with a single contact if they desire to have their location identified on a road sign along the state controlled and maintained roadway system to provide motorist with directional guidance and information about their location.

Four main types of signs or Signing Programs are included in the IDSP.

  • Specific Travel Service (Logo) Signs
    Logo signs provide the motorist directional guidance to the providers of Gas, Food, Lodging, Camping, and Attraction destinations at interchanges along the Interstate System in Virginia and other controlled access roadways.


  • Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs (TODS) 
    TODS signs provide roadway users with directional guidance to business, service, and activity facilities available to them during their travels along non-controlled routes and highways.

  • Supplemental Guide Signs
    In addition to the destinations shown on “Major Guide Signs“, VDOT also allows the installation of official guide signs displaying information about other destinations and specific facilities that are of significance to travelers known as “Supplemental Guide Signs.“

  • General Motorist Service Signs
    General Motorist Service Signs use symbols to inform the motorist of the availability of services that fulfill the needs of the road user such as Gas, Food, Lodging, Camping, or Hospital.


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